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Who we are and what we need

The Scoutreach program partners with 6 subsidized housing complexes to provide Scouting programs to the youth of these diverse communities.  Families come from a number of cultural backgrounds including, but not limited to Hispanic, Southeast Asian, East African, Eastern European and African-American.

One of these partnerships is with the Birch Creek Apartments in Kent where we have sent a program leader for nearly 8 years to provide a weekly Scouting program for their boys.  The beauty of this program is that Scouting is brought right to their doorstep and is an ideal opportunity to get the entire family involved.  While the organization and participants love the program, they have not yet had the opportunity to have a true camping experience.  We’d like to give them that opportunity by sending 12 of their scouts and 3 parents to our High Adventure Program @ Camp Parsons this summer!

Scoutreach partners with more than 25 youth serving community organizations in the Rainier Valley alone (schools, churches, community centers  YMCA’s, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc) to deliver a Scouting program that is customized to the mission of each organization.

Sometimes it’s a large part of a groups program and other times only a small supplement to what they are already doing.  In the end we deliver a positive Scouting experience.  Transportation is the biggest reason we are not able to get more of these scouts to one of our council camps.  To address this issue, the Scoutreach committee is hosting a day camp this summer in Seward Park for all of the youth we serve in the Rainier Valley.  Day Camp brings to life an educational, inspirational and fun program that gives youth and families an outdoor Scouting experience they might not otherwise receive.


Scoutreach hires program leaders to work with each of the following organizations either during the school year or summer or both to provide a customized Scouting program to their youth.  Many of these youth have never been outside of their own community and that’s why Scoutreach is hosting a day camp that will be closer and more affordable than any other option.